The Price You Pay for Speaking Truth in America: Jeremy Hammond’s Life in Prison

The Price You Pay for Speaking Truth in America: Jeremy Hammond’s Life in PrisonBY REALITIES WATCH · OCTOBER 28, 2015 0    61  0  0  0  61Recommended ContentAnonymous Message Sent Via “An Open Letter To Donald Trump”SponsoredSee Halloween’s Horrifying Historypatheos.comSponsoredUnique Method That «Regrows» Hair Lossregrowyourhair.meSponsoredRich People Do Everything to Ban This – This Is ReAnna Ruiz(ANTIMEDIA) At just 30 years old, Jeremy Hammond has lived a very prolific life as an activist. He is a passionate advocate for justice and peace and has spent much of his adult life selflessly helping to restore the shattered world in which we live. His main goal has been to expose government corruption, and he has encouraged others to stand up against injustices, as well. His efforts throughout the years have been both brave and heroic.Between July and August of 2004, Jeremy was a panel speaker at DEFCON 12 and discussed Electronic Civil Disobedience and the Republican National Convention. He spoke to a very large crowd of people and his words were captivating. He certainly made an impression on audience members in attendance that evening.Another monumental moment for Jeremy came in the fall of 2009. On September 29, several people took to the streets of Chicago to protest against the city’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic games. Later in the evening, several protesters, including Jeremy, gathered in front of the Picasso statue at Daley Plaza. They misplaced pieces of a commemorative wreath that was to be adorned on the statue in honor of the upcoming games. Because of the damage caused to the scattered laurel, they were targeted for their actions. During the chaos, Jeremy was unfortunately singled out when law enforcement arrived on the scene and a scuffle ensued. By night’s end, Jeremy and five other protesters had been arrested.


Origen: The Price You Pay for Speaking Truth in America: Jeremy Hammond’s Life in Prison

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